Not only from the centenary vineyards with more than twenty different varieties of wine grape is our JOA made.

Not only from centenary vineyards with a wide variety of grapes is a JOA produced. It is the harsh winters and the ruthless sun of the Alto Transmontano which, without mercy on the land, compels it to free from the shale the best they have to offer our grapes. From the grapes to the only wine produced in this region goes the distance between tradition and innovation.

Between the knowledge of generations and the latest Oenological practices. Between the future and the preserved memory in the people of Aldeia de Parada: heart, cradle and soul of Casa do JOA. It is for all of this that a JOA wine is much more than a wine. It is the living memory of this earth and a genuine statement of our Love to Alto Transmontano.

Casa do JOA
Casa do JOA

Alto do JOA

The perfect join between tradition and innovation to create an excellente wine for storage, if you can resist the temptation to open it now.

Feito de JOA

Without adding any yeast, enzymes, or sulfites, this is the most organic JOA ever produced, due to the unique properties of our chestnut trees flowers. An authentic wine, in line with our principles, with indisputable quality, and utmost respect for the grapes in all their natural essence. A singular wine, conceived through a profound passion spirit of innovation, made by JOA and made of JOA.

Casa do JOA